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The story of the deceived donkey and the bad horse

 The story of the deceived donkey and the bad horse

It is said that in ancient times, there was a farmer who owned a donkey and a horse. The donkey was energetic and obedient despite its small size. As for the horse, it was lazy and grumbles a lot, despite its strength and the largeness of its body compared to the donkey.

In the summer, when the farmer harvested his wheat, he wanted to sell it in the city market, which was a two-day walk from his village.

Carrying weights and going to the market

On the morning of the promised day, the farmer divided the wheat into two loads: one heavy for the horse, the other less heavy for the donkey, and then set out towards the city market, dragging his two beasts behind him.

The horse grumbles from the size of its weights

On the way, the horse started complaining about his load, saying, “My back is almost splitting from the weight of this load. I wish we could rest a little.” The donkey said: “Be patient, my friend, and we will rest when night falls.” The horse said to himself: You say that because your burden is much lighter than mine.

The bad Horse Executes His Evil Plan

At nightfall, the peasant camped by a tree, waiting for the break of dawn to continue his journey. So he ate, drank, and provided fodder for the donkey and the horse. At last, everyone fell asleep, except for the horse, which kept awake waiting for its two companions to sleep, until he slipped away and replaced his load with that of the donkey. In the morning, the farmer loaded the two mounts. Then he resumed his travels.

On the way, the horse walked comfortably because it was carrying a light load, while the donkey walked and stumbled every now and then because of the weight of its load. Suddenly the donkey fell from exhaustion and hurt his hoof.

The horse said: Oh my God. Poor you. I will deliver you from this burden. So the farmer rushed to him and helped him.

The horse takes his punishment

The farmer thought a little and then said to himself: There is no escape; I must carry all the wheat on the horse’s back until I resume my journey, and then make the horse carry both lambs. The horse screamed a lot and got away from them and threw the loads from above its back on the ground. The farmer beat him and forced him to carry his own weight and the weight of the poor donkey.

Thus the deceitful horse was rewarded and forced to carry all the wheat on his back to the city market. This is because of his selfishness and deception of the donkey.

 The story of the deceived donkey and the bad horse

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