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The tiny bird and the elephant

 The tiny bird and the elephant

In a distant forest full of big and beautiful trees, and many varied animals, a little bird lived with its mother and brothers in a small nest built on the top of a tall tree, and one day the bird went to the mother to search for food for her young children, who cannot fly yet, and during her absence From the tree a strong wind shook the nest, and the little bird fell to the ground.

The tiny bird had not yet learned to fly, so he remained in his place frightened, waiting for his mother's return, and during that a good elephant passed, walking in the forest cheerfully, hitting the ground with his big feet, and singing loudly. And he said to him, "Are you all right, beautiful little bird? Did you fall from the tree?" But the bird was very afraid, and he could not answer the elephant with any words.

The bird was trembling with fear and cold, so the elephant was saddened by his sight and decided to bring some tree leaves and put them around him to warm him.

The cunning fox came

A cunning fox came and saw the elephant talking with the bird, then he went away to get him the papers from the trees.

The fox reach the bird when the elephant went, and asked him: "Why are you here on earth, little bird?" The little bird told him that he had fallen from his nest. The fox said cunningly: "I know where your nest is, sparrow, and I will bring you back to it, but first you have to get rid of the elephant, for it is an evil animal and wants to harm you."

At this moment the elephant came back carrying the leaves, so the fox got away and hid behind the trees watching the bird. The elephant put the leaves around the bird, which felt warm, then said to the elephant: "Good elephant, I'm hungry, can you bring me some food?" This was the bird's idea to keep the elephant away so that the fox could return it to its nest and its brothers, the elephant is very big and scary, looks good, and has beautiful fur with excellent colors. "Sure, sparrow," replied the elephant. "I'll get you some grain, but be careful of the other animals and don't move until I come back."

The fox hunted the tiny bird

The fox reach the bird when the elephant left and said to him: “Let’s go to take you back to your nest, bird.” He carried him and moved away behind the tree. Suddenly the fox’s features changed, and he threw the bird to the ground and then attacked it, devouring it and eating it. The bird started screaming loudly: “Save me! Please save me!!"

The elephant heard the sound of the bird and then came back quickly and saw the fox trying to prey on the bird, so he ran quickly and hit the fox that ran away.

The bird confessed: “Actually I was afraid of you, elephant, you are big, big and big, and I am a tiny bird.” The elephant replied with great sadness: “Sparrow, I do not eat small animals, and I only want to help you, you have to learn that No one should be judged by his shape or size, but only by his actions.”

The little bird back to his nest

Then the elephant took the bird and returned it to the tree from which it fell, and his mother was looking for him with great fear, so she was very happy when she saw him and thanked the elephant for her help.

 The tiny bird and the elephant

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