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The story of the wretched sparrow


The story of the wretched sparrow

One day a cute little rabbit was playing in the woods, his name was a naughty rabbit, with big eyes and white fur, eating carrots, and frolicking by the river.

The rabbit heard a sad sound from afar, so he stopped for a while to find out the source of the sound, so he began to look here and there, inspecting the place. The carrots fell with his hand trembling with fear.


What did the naughty rabbit saw?

The naughty rabbit turned and his heartbeat was racing in fear, if green grass was moving the fear increased, even more, so he stopped carefully, thinking and asking: Am I in a dream or in wakefulness? Can grass talk?!


The truth of the sound

The hare began to move step by step toward the grass, and the closer he came the clear the sound, but soon the fear and bewilderment were gone; The sad sound was only that of a beautiful little bird, trembling with terror and crying with sadness.


The rabbit asked him: Why is the beautiful bird sad?

The bird replied: I am beautiful, but I am not obedient.

The rabbit said to him: I did not understand what you mean!

The bird replied: I will tell you my story.


The story of the wretched sparrow

The weather was beautiful, so my mother decided to take me and my brothers for a walk, on the condition that we do not riot, we hear her words, and that we not move away from her, but I did not care about her words, and I turned here and there and did not stay beside my brothers, play on the road, and get out of the team until I found myself alone without a companion!

And when I turned to look for the way back, suddenly a terrifying black cat appeared before me, and I realized then that I was nearing my end, and what only hurt me was the separation of my loved ones and my neglect of my mother's advice.

I was so afraid that the cat did not see me, and this grass was behind me, so I began to count my steps back; To hide and survive from perdition.

Since that time I have been here shivering with terror, and crying with sadness, I wish I had heard my mother's words!

The rabbit looked at him sighing and said to him: I am also a troublemaker, and I do not hear my mother's words, but after your story, I will return and be the obedient rabbit, not the troubled rabbit.

Wretched sparrow's mother sound

And while they were talking, if a voice called out, the voice of the mother of the little bird, she came looking for her lost baby, so the bird rushed to his mother crying for her parting, and apologized for not hearing her words, and promised her that he would not return that quarrelsome bird.

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