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Beautiful story of busy bee

Beautiful story of busy bee

A busy bee is a commonly used phrase for someone who is always working or a very hardworking person. The term has been in use since around the 16th century, and many variations of the phrase exist. Some people will use this as a lighthearted joke to make fun of someone who works too much. Others may use it to express admiration for someone who works hard at their job or in other areas of life.

Throughout history and in modern society, there have been some people who are known for the way they work. Famous examples of busy bees include Benjamin Franklin, the author, and inventor; Martha Stewart, an author, actress, and entrepreneur; and Oprah Winfrey, an author, and television personality. Many famous fictional characters represent the idea of a busy bee. Winnie-the-Pooch’s friend Rabbit was known for being very busy in the Hundred Acre Wood, as was Franklin's mother Mrs. Turtle in Franklin's books about his childhood.

The idea behind identifying someone as a "busy bee" is that they are very involved in their lives, whether it be with work or personal activities like volunteering, spending time with family, or going to school. In all cases, these people tend to be constantly moving from one to another.

The busy bee is a story that promotes hard work. In the story, there are two bees one works hard and the other one is lazy. The lazy bee always sits back and watches others working, he said he will help when they finish. When they are done the busy bee takes his share of the honey which was less than what he expected because the lazy bee took most of it. The next day, the same thing happens again, so the busy bee decided to trick him. He told him that he found bigger honey with a better smell in another place, and he should go with him. When they arrived at the new place, there was no honey but only flowers with no nectar. The lazy bee asks why there is no honey and he asks him that since he is so smart then he should find out where to get it from. So, the lazy bee went around looking for honey but never found any because there was none. That night, when all the other bees were sharing their honey, the lazy bee didn’t have anything to share and ended up crying. Then all the other bees started to laugh at him because they were aware of what happened that day and they were teasing him. From then on, the lazy bee became a hard worker like every other bee there.

Safety of Busy Bee

The first step towards keeping your child safe from bees is to teach him about bees. Teach him about what they look like, how they behave, and what to do in case he comes across one.

Once you have taught your child about bees, it’s time for you to start taking action. There are a few things that you must-do if you want to keep your child safe from bees:

- Keep them away from flowers where the bees live. If there is a beehive near your house or garden, make sure that there are no flowers around it so that your children don’t get tempted and go close to it.

- Keep an eye on them at all times so that if they see any flower with a bee in it, they will not go near it and get stung by the bee.

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