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The most favorite fruit is Apple for children

The most favorite fruit is Apple for children

Apple Stories celebrate the wonder in everything kids see, hear and do. A child's world is full of magic moments, fun discoveries, and joyful learning experiences. We created Apple Stories to inspire creativity and confidence with an iPad. Inside each Apple Stories book is an original story filled with colorful characters, handcrafted art, and games children love to play. You can easily remove these pages from the book to present them as stand-alone content on an iPad using the Apple Store app.
Apple stories are perfect for the new generation of smart readers! This App provides a series of stories, each with vivid and beautiful full-page illustrations. With a simple interface design and easy-to-use interactive elements, these stories are easy enough for kids to read on their own. Kids will learn about Apple's key products such as iPhone and iPad through the characters who live in Apple's colorful world.

Apple stories are the best stories video app for kids, with over 40 stories available in 6 themes with more to come every month. Each story is read in adorable children's voices and attractively designed. Stories are designed to be fun and educational and support children in building a wide range of early learning skills.

It is a funny brand story of apple from childhood age. He had been abandoned by his father at a younger age and was having a problem controlling his fear for the first time. He was facing the world all alone with no one to help and guide him into making the right decisions. He had not just survived and grown throughout difficulties but also grew as an entrepreneur because of selling apples. What he learned through selling apples, he has used in building apples and one day become the chairman of it.

'Apple, James, and rick were looking after an apple tree. one night, they fell asleep. suddenly, the apple tree was full of apples! but none of the apples had fallen to the ground. the three lads went to sleep again. in the morning, they realized how many apples had fallen to the floor! they were very happy because they thought they could sell those baskets of apples and earn some money.

Apple is one of the most popular fruits worldwide. it is a fleshy fruit that grows on trees. Apple is widely consumed raw, as cooking applesauce or baked in pies and tarts. apples tend to spoil quickly after being picked. Apple has been cultivated for thousands of years in Asia, Europe, and North America. today, the United States is the world's largest producer of apples.

Apple is a fruity color, fruit that looks like a red. It is good for our bodies and can make us feel very happy. Its shape is round, and its skin is smooth. Apple is a fruit, Apple can be eaten like snacks, and we are not allowed to drink the water in the apple.

Apple is a great fruit. It has both beautiful outside and excellent taste. It also helps us stay healthy by providing us with vitamins and minerals that build up our immune system; it helps fight diarrhea, constipation, and skin diseases.

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