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Benefits of cows

Benefits of cows

What are cows? For kids, cows are cute animals. They usually give us milk and other dairy products. Cows are used in festivals also. There are different types of cows like water buffalo, goat, elephant, etc. Let's read more about cows:

Cows are farm animals are found on many farms. Cows have four stomachs and can chew their food twice before it is swallowed. What do cows eat? They eat straw, hay (grass), corn, grass, weeds, and other plants that grow on a farm. Some cows are raised for meat. They are called beef cows. Other cows are dairy cows that give milk and make cheese, butter, and ice cream. You will usually find cows walking around in a group. They enjoy the company (companionship) of other cows. Cokes are large black-and-white animals that have long, floppy ears and dark eyes with long eyelashes. They have short horns or tufts of hair at the top of their head instead of ears.

Once upon a time, there lived an old man and his wife. They lived in an old house on top of the hill. The old couple had no children. One day, their cow stopped giving milk. The old woman said to her husband, “If we kill the cow, at least we will have meat to eat. The next morning, the old man took the cow to the butcher. When they reached the butcher shop, he gave the cow to the butcher and told him that he wanted to buy their best sausages in return for his cow. The butcher said, “I can’t make sausages out of your cow; she is too old and miserable. But if you wait for a few minutes, I will sell you my dog for your cow and sausages in return. “The old man quickly agreed as he thought that a dog would be good company for himself and his wife. So, he left with sausages and a dog instead of his cow.

Cows are very useful animals. They are used for their milk, meat, hide, etc. They are also used as beasts of burden and draught animals. Milk is an important food for human beings. It is used to prepare curd, butter, and ghee. Cow’s milk has more nutritious value than buffalo’s milk. It contains Vitamins A, B1, and B2 in good quantities. Cow’s milk is easily digestible, and children can drink it without any danger of getting indigestion. We get different types of delicious sweets from the milk of cows such as Rabri, Rasgulla, Gulab jamun, etc. Curd is a cooling substance. It prevents us from heatwaves. Ghee is very useful in religious functions in India. Cow dung is also useful for us in many ways. It is used as manure for fields as it contains nitrogenous substances which help to grow plants well. Cow dung is also burnt for fuel in rural areas where kerosene oil or coal is not easily available for cooking purposes cow dung cakes are also burnt for fires in rural areas, especially at that time when there was no electricity, so people use cow dung cakes to light the fire.

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