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a short story of busy bee

 short story of busy bee

What is a busy bee for kids?

Busy bees are a very popular toy that is used to help children learn about colors, shapes, and numbers. It is also a great way for the children to have fun while learning. The busy bee toy has been around for years and is still a favorite among many parents and their children.

There are several different types of busy bees available today. They all have different features which make them unique from each other. Some have lights that flash when the child presses on them, others have sounds that play when pressed on by the child and there are even some that will play songs when pressed on by the child.

The busy bee toys are used to teach young children about shapes, colors, counting, and other things they need to learn at such an early age.

You should be able to find these toys in most toy stores or department stores in your area if you don’t want to order them online or go out looking for them yourself. You can get them in just about any color you want so if you want something specific like pink or blue then you can just ask someone at customer service if they have any left-over before purchasing one online or going out looking for it yourself.

Once upon a time, there was a busy bee.

The busy bee was flying around the forest, buzzing from flower to flower. The busy bee didn't have a job or any responsibilities; he just buzzed around all day long. He was the happiest bee in the whole forest.

One day, while he was buzzing around, the busy bee came across another bee who looked very tired and unhappy. The tired bee asked, "What are you doing?" And the busy bee replied, "I'm buzzing."

The tired bee said, "Oh, that sounds like fun! Can I try?" The busy Bee agreed and so they switched places for a few minutes so that the tired bee could buzz around too.

When they switched back again, the tired bee looked even more miserable than before and said, "It's not as fun as it looks!" So, they switched places again and again and again until finally, his wings were too tired to allow him to continue buzzing anymore.

At this point, he told his friend that he couldn't go on anymore because he had no energy left at all!

And then he said something which shocked his friend: "This is my life now! My only option is to keep on doing what I'm doing until the end of my life.

Bees have many uses besides making honey and pollinating flowers. They are also used to help control pests on crops such as vegetables and fruits because they eat them when they are young before, they become too big or too many so they cannot be eaten by larger animals that need more food than they do like humans.

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