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Short stories about Pokemon

Short stories about Pokemon

A long time ago, two people lived in a small town. A man and his son. The father's name was Tom while the son's name was Bill. Both were wondering what to do with their lives and had gone past the age of normal careers.

One day as they were walking around the town, they noticed a mysterious house at the edge of the woods. It had been there for a while, but no one was sure who owned it or why they had built it.

They thought it might be fun to explore so they decided to go inside. The house was full of old furniture and dusty paintings that made them sneeze. They searched every room until they came across an old bookcase filled with books in a language neither could decipher. A few moments later, one of these books fell off the shelf onto Bill's head and he decided to take it home with him so he could have something new to read. When he opened it up, however, he found that there was nothing written on any page except for one word: Pokémon! Then they started reading:

Hey, kids! Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokémon! My name is Oak, but you can call me the Pokémon Professor. People call me that because I study Pokémon for a living. Some people, like my grandson Gary over there, want to become trainers and catch lots of Pokémon, but I like to study them in their natural habitats.

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes - there are over 809 different species! So where do these cute little creatures come from? Lots of places! Some live in the ocean. Others live in the mountains or forests. Lots of them live in grassy plains or even deserts.

Some Pokémon can fly, and others can swim, but most have to walk on the ground to get around. Most Pokémon have a diet that consists of plants and berries, but some eat other types of food - even other Pokémon sometimes! Some Pokémon don't eat anything at all - they make their food out of air and sunlight instead.

Most Pokémon don't get along very well with each other, so they live apart from one another. There are special areas habitats where each type of Pokémon lives with its kind. The reason for this is that different types of Pokémon use different types of attacks in battle.

Ash: Hi, Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pika! (Hello Ash)

Ash: I caught you two years ago.

Pikachu: Yes.

Ash: Mm ... I remember the past.

Pokémon is the animal and plant life of the world; we are associated with humans to protect the world.

Pikachu: But now the world has no danger?

Ash: What do you mean? The world has many dangers. For example, Team Rocket and Team Plasma.

They want to use Pokémon as a tool to eliminate all humanity. We must stop them from doing this. We must show them that Pokémon and humans live together in harmony and coexist. This is the only way to stop their actions!

Pikachu: You're right! Let's go!

And then Ash and Pikachu went to protect the world.

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