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General Knowledge and IQ Test Questions for 12-Year-Olds: Challenge Your Brain

 I'd be glad to provide answers to the general knowledge and IQ test questions for a 12-year-old, along with explanations:

General Knowledge

  1. What is the capital of France? - Paris
  2. What is the largest planet in our solar system? - Jupiter
  3. What is the chemical symbol for gold? - Au
  4. Who painted the Mona Lisa? - Leonardo da Vinci
  5. What is the tallest mountain in the world? - Mount Everest
  6. What is the name of the river that flows through London? - River Thames
  7. What is the national animal of China? - Giant Panda
  8. What is the currency of Japan? - Japanese Yen (JPY)
  9. What is the largest ocean on Earth? - Pacific Ocean
  10. What is the name of the smallest country in the world? - Vatican City

IQ Test Questions

  1. Complete the following analogy: Doctor : Hospital :: Teacher : ? - (b) School

    Explanation: A doctor works in a hospital, and a teacher works in a school. Both options describe the workplace for the given profession.

  2. Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the given word: Erudite: - (b) Learned

    Explanation: Erudite means having or showing great knowledge or learning. Learned is the closest synonym.

  3. Read the following passage and answer the question: [Passage about Artificial Intelligence] - (d) The future of artificial intelligence

    Explanation: The passage discusses the current impact of AI and its potential for the future.

  4. Identify the next number in the following sequence: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, _ _ _ - 12

    Explanation: This is a simple addition sequence, increasing by 2 each time.

  5. Solve the following logic puzzle: - True

    Explanation: The statements are true. All cats are a subset of mammals, and all mammals are a subset of animals. Therefore, all cats must be animals.

  6. A farmer has 17 sheep and 12 goats. How many legs do all the animals have together? - 116

    Explanation: Sheep have 4 legs each, and goats have 4 legs each. Total sheep legs: 17 sheep * 4 legs/sheep = 68 legs Total goat legs: 12 goats * 4 legs/goat = 48 legs Total animal legs: 68 legs + 48 legs = 116 legs

  7. Imagine a cube with a different letter on each face. If the cube is rotated, what letter would be opposite the letter "F"? - Depends on the specific orientation of the cube.

    Explanation: Without knowing the exact arrangement of the letters, it's impossible to determine definitively which letter is opposite "F."

  8. Imagine a piece of paper with a hole punched in it. If the paper is folded in half, where will the hole be? - On the fold line

    Explanation: When the paper is folded, the hole will be directly on the crease formed by the fold.

  9. Solve the following riddle: What has to be broken before you can use it? - An egg

    Explanation: An egg needs to be cracked open before its contents can be used.

  10. Design a solution to a common problem:

This is an open-ended question that allows for creativity. Here's an example:

Problem: People often forget to bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store.

Solution: Develop a phone app that reminds users to bring their reusable bags before they leave for the store. Additionally, the app could locate stores offering reusable bags for purchase.

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