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The Snowy Day: A Children's Adventure Story

The Snowy Day

One winter morning, Peter woke up to find a world covered in snow. He ran to the window and looked out. The snow was so thick that it reached the top of the cars. Peter couldn't wait to go outside and play.

He got dressed quickly and ran downstairs. His mother was making breakfast. She smiled when she saw him.

"Good morning, Peter," she said. "It's a beautiful day outside."

"I know," Peter said. "I can't wait to go outside and play."

After breakfast, Peter put on his snowsuit and boots. He went outside and took a deep breath of the cold, fresh air. The snow crunched under his feet as he walked down the street.

Then, Peter went sledding. He found a hill and pushed himself down the hill. He went so fast that his hair flew back.

After a while, Peter got tired. He sat down on a bench and watched the other children playing. He saw some children building a snow fort. He saw some children having a snowball fight.

Peter started to feel sad. He didn't have any friends to play with. He was all alone.

Just then, he saw a group of older boys playing in the park. They were playing basketball.

Peter wanted to join in, but he was afraid. He didn't want them to make fun of him.

He sat there for a long time, watching the boys play. Finally, he worked up the courage to go over to them.

"Can I play?" he asked.

The boys looked at him. They were surprised to see a little boy asking to play with them.

"Sure," one of the boys said. "You can be on my team."

Peter was so happy. He played basketball with the boys for the rest of the day. He had so much fun.

At the end of the day, Peter was tired but happy. He went home and told his mother all about his day.

"I had so much fun," he said. "I  went sledding, and even played basketball with some older boys."

His mother smiled. "I'm so glad you had a good time," she said.

Peter went to bed that night feeling content. He knew that he would never forget the snowy day.


The Snowy Day: A Classic Children's Story of Adventure and Friendship


The Snowy Day is a classic children's story by Ezra Jack Keats. It tells the story of Peter, a young boy who explores his neighborhood after a snowfall. The story is full of adventure, fun, and friendship.


The story begins with Peter waking up to find a world covered in snow. He is so excited that he can barely contain himself. He quickly gets dressed and runs outside to play.

Peter goes sledding, and even plays basketball with some older boys. He has so much fun that he doesn't want the day to end.

At the end of the day, Peter is tired but happy. He goes home and tells his mother all about his adventures.


The Snowy Day is a heartwarming story that will appeal to children of all ages. It is a reminder that even the simplest things can be a source of great joy.

Additional Information

The Snowy Day was first published in 1962. It was the first picture book with an African American protagonist to win a major children's book award. The book has been translated into over 20 languages and has sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

The Snowy Day is considered to be a landmark in children's literature. It is a timeless story that will continue to be enjoyed by children for generations to come.

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