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Short story about monkey

Short story about monkey

Monkeys are a group of primates that include humans and their closest relatives. There are about 260 different species of monkey in the world, most of which live in tropical forests.

Monkeys can be found all around the world, but they're not native to every area. Some monkeys live only in certain parts of the world, while others are found everywhere from North America to Africa to Asia.

Monkey Species

There are many different species of monkey, some more well-known than others. Here is a list of some common species:

Marmosets – These small monkeys are typically less than 7 inches tall when fully grown, but they have long tails that help them balance when climbing through trees. They have round faces and big brown eyes. They're often found in South America, but some species can also be found in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Lemurs – Lemurs look like small lemurs with short tails and big ears for hearing high-pitched sounds like birdsong or other animal calls that humans can't hear very well. Most lemurs live on Madagascar Island off Africa's southeast coast, though there are some lemur species on other nearby islands as well as mainland Africa (where they've been introduced by humans).

There was once a Monkey whose tail was very long. The length of his tail made him feel important because he could use it to help him balance as he jumped from branch to branch in the trees.

One day, another smaller Monkey with no tail at all saw how much fun the large Monkey was having using his long tail for balance, so he asked the large Monkey if he could please have some of his tail.

The large Monkey laughed and said, “I cannot give you my tail because I need it to help me jump from branch to branch! Without it, I would fall and be hurt!”

But the little Monkey begged and pleaded until finally the large Monkey gave in and let the little Monkey borrow some of his tail.

So now when this pair of Monkeys jumped from tree to tree, they were able to help each other by using each other’s tails for balance. But then another small Monkey without a tail saw how much fun they were having, so he asked them if he could please have some of their tails also. The two Monkeys looked at each other and said, “Now we don’t need so much tail each because we can help each other! You may have some of ours!”

If you own a pet monkey or visit a zoo or an animal park where monkeys are kept as part of the exhibit, there are several things that you can do to ensure your safety and the safety of the monkey.

Make sure you wash your hands after handling a monkey or any other animal that could be carrying germs. Germs may cause illness in humans but can also make monkeys sick.

Do not allow children under 10 years old to handle monkeys without supervision by an adult because they may not have learned how to treat animals properly yet.

Never hit or tease a monkey because it will become aggressive towards you and others who come near it as well as other people's pets such as cats and dogs that might wander into its territory while looking for food or shelter from the cold weather.

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