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What is the Alphabet


What is the Alphabet?

What is the Alphabet


 A letter in order is a means of utilizing specific imprints, which we call "letters," to represent specific sounds.

There are a wide range of letters in order in this present reality, and it has required millennia to foster them.

 The English letter set of 26 letters is additionally called the "Roman letters in order," since we got it from the antiquated Romans, who had gotten it from the Greeks.

We call it letter set in light of the fact that the initial two letters of the Greek letters in order were called alpha and beta-in others words, calling it the letter set then was by and large equivalent to calling it the ABC's today.

 The least complex approach to writing a thought down is to draw an image, and that is the means by which men initially started to compose, 6,000 quite a while back or more.

 Our letter set has come to us slowly from picture-composing of this sort. The image composing of which our letter set is dropped was done in old Egypt; it was called hieroglyphic composition.

 Picture composing had the option to communicate thoughts along with objects.

 For instance, a little image of a man could address "man," however an image of a man lying on the ground with a lance in him would address the thought "passing." the Chinese and, surprisingly, the American Indians created techniques for writing in pictures.

 However, there was very little that could be said along these lines, and it would have taken a huge number of pictures to communicate everything-a lot beyond what an individual could expect to learn in a lifetime.

 Out of the early picture-composing came the utilization of pictures to represent syllables.

 Assume an image of a shaft or stake in the ground were utilized to address "post," and an image of a light consuming to address "light." Putting the two together, you would have post light, which could mean amenable a thought that would never be communicated by an image.

 Involving pictures in this manner to address sounds rather than things, men had the option to build the convenience of their composition by commonly.

 The Chinese actually utilize this sort of writing in syllables. The difficulty is that there are such countless various syllables, it takes a researcher year to learn them all.

 In the Chinese language, there are in excess of 50,000 and a large portion of these are being utilized even today.

A Chinese understudy doesn't dominate the composition of his language until he is past the age at which an American understudy might have moved on from school say, a quarter-century old.

 In examination with his huge number of characters, the American student needs to learn just 26 letters.

 Along these lines the following stage in the improvement of the letter set was to have an image, or letter, for each sound that was utilized in the language being spoken.

 A lot more sounds that a human are being can use than we have in our letters in order, and the letters in order utilized for different dialects have in them certain letters that we don't require recorded as a hard copy the English language.

Yet additionally we have a few letters that they needn't bother with. No letter set needs more than thirty or forty letters.

 A youngster can dominate these in a little while.

 Composing with letters rather than with pictures is in excess of 5,000 years of age.

Similarly, as we got our letters in order from the Greeks, they got theirs from the Semitic people groups the Phoenicians and the Jews and other old people groups who communicated in Semitic dialects.

 Be that as it may, as most Oriental people groups, they composed from right to left.

 At the point when the Greeks took their letter set, they steered composition and composed from left to right as we do today.

 In doing this, they turned the letters around.

 You can see, in the main article in this reference book the article on the letter A-how we got our current letter by the pivoting of the antiquated letters.

 The specific type of our capital letters was grown primarily by the old Romans. Our little letters, and our penmanship, were created on the grounds that with them, it is feasible to compose quicker.

 The English letter set, as different letters in order that are utilized all through the world, is extremely distant from great.

 There are many individuals who are restless to change it with the goal that it will be more straightforward to tell how a word ought to be articulated whenever you first read it.

 Perusing is more troublesome when a solitary letter, for example, A, can be articulated in six unique ways.

 In any case, the cutting edge letters in order is probably the best work of the human psyche, and has been in some measure as mindful as whatever else man has accomplished for the development of civilization.civilization.

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